Michael Dalton Rory Robinson


Dalton Robinson are a unique Irish duo consisting of two close friends, Michael Dalton and Rory Robinson, who have been making music together for just a short number of years. All of our music is performed, mixed, mastered and produced by ourselves without the use of the traditional studio environment. To elaborate on that further; there are no separate drum rooms, isolated vocal booths or large environments to record in; no mixing, mastering engineers or producers reshaping the sound; no bells and whistles, just two musicians, opposite ends of the globe, with the barest of bare-bones set ups.....

And that's something we take great pride in.

We've worked hard to achieve a standard of sound that we appreciate, one without the overly auto-tuned, compressed speaker rumbling cliches that saturate the market but not compromise our own techniques which help differentiate us from the rest.

Both of us were born and bred of Belfast, Ireland but recently Michael Dalton found his new home in Melbourne, Australia. This became the catalyst that ignited the whole musical process.

Around March 2017 we began to ponder the idea of releasing an album. How we would manage to do this while being such a distance apart and working full-time in our respective jobs would be a challenge. We decided that cloud sharing was the solution and so began uploading our work to the cloud. Our discussions took place through through video calling platforms such as Skype, Facebook Messenger and whatsapp, sometimes lasting anywhere between 5 mins to 5 hours, all while taking into consideration the timezone difference of 9-11 hours depending on the season. But we made it work and when August 2017 came, we released our debut single Dance the night Away digitally worldwide.

On January 19th 2018, we released the album digitally worldwide on all major platforms. We had done it. Throughout the rest of 2018 we worked on our second album ‘Laid Bare’ and by December it was finished and released. Laid Bare was a stripped back, raw acoustic sounding album, a departure from the first.

2019 started off with a bang as we released a new standalone single ‘Closer’. We our currently working on our third album, which we aim to have completed for around the summer season.

Our music is Available Now on all major online stores & streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes, Amazon Music, Tidal, Google Play Music, Deezer and many many more.

Be sure to check it out and feel free to drop us a comment.